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Rion's acoustics and vibration technologies support businesses and lifestyles in various fields.

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Rion's Efforts for Environmental Measures

Basic Principle

Protection of the environment is a vital and universal task for humankind.

Planet Earth as a whole is a precious and irreplaceable gift, and it is up to each individual to preserve that gift by keeping our planet healthy.

Through all activities, Rion is always environmentally conscious, and by providing products and services that are tender to people, society and environment, Rion contributes to ensuring healthy and cultural life and human welfare.

Environmental Policy

Rion group aims to be a corporate group that keeps on developing with establishing social constant trust by contributing to realization of social progress and comfortable life and to improvement of global environmental problems. For that purpose, environmental management activities are regarded as one of the most important management issues of ours.


Reduction of environmental loads

Rion will encourage to develop the products with low environmental loads, understand and assess environmental impacts caused on our business process such as procurement, manufacturing, sale, servicing and disposal, and reduce environmental loads both inside and outside the company.


Repletion and enhancement of environmental management activities

Rion will establish quantitated targets and goals for environmental activities, then form and carry out the execution plans with specifying defined policy, location of responsibility and time limit. Moreover, Rion will accordingly review these plans and continuously improve environmental management activities.


Compliance with laws and regulations

Rion will surely comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements regarding environmental protection as well as all other requirements accepted by Rion.


Prevention of global warming

Rion will reduce CO2 by effective use of resources such as the reuse of waste materials, reduction of waste discharge, and recycling of waste materials


Conservation of the environment of local communities

Maintaining the assets of greenery and contributing to conservation of the regional environment are also important tasks for Rion. As approaches for the tasks, Rion shall take part in local environmental activities and clean the surrounding area.

Rion will make this environment policy known to all staff and throughout group companies, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders with the desire that they cooperate with the environmental management activities.

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