Particle Counters

Liquid-borne Particle Counters

For measuring batch samples


Particle Sensor

Detects particles down to 0.05μm size, at a flow rate of 10mL/min

  • Counting efficiency improved to 10%
  • Sapphire flow cell
  • Particle size resolution enhancement technology employed (patented)


Optical system Light-scattering method
Light source Diode pumped solid state laser (wavelength: 532nm, rated output 500mW)
Materials of parts exposed to sample fluid Sapphire, PFA
Measurement size range 4 channels (Factory default): ≥0.05µm, ≥0.1µm, ≥0.15µm, ≥0.2µm
Setting range: 0.05µm to 0.2µm
Flow rate 10mL/min
Maximum particle number concentration 30,000 particles/mL (coincidence loss 10%)
Power requirements DC12V (Supplied by KE-40B1)
Dimensions Approx. 147 (H) x 272 (W) x 442 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 12kg