Particle Counters

Liquid-borne Particle Counters

For inline measurement


Particle Counter, For pure water, Printer supplied

Detects particles down to 0.05μm size in pure water

  • Integrated unit combines sensor, controller, flow meter,and data storage
  • Built-in leakage sensor triggers alarm output when internal leak detected
  • High pressure up to 500kPa (gauge pressure) applicable
  • Equipped with D/A converter (4-20mA) and alarm output contacts (standard)
  • Printer built-in, CompactFlash card available (option)


Optical system Light-scattering method
Light source Diode pumped solid state laser (wavelength: 532nm, rated output 500mW)
Materials of parts exposed to sample fluid Synthetic quartz, fluorocarbon rubber, fluoroplastic, PVC, SUS304/316, Pyrexglass, POM
Measurement size range 4 channels (Factory default): ≥0.05µm, ≥0.1µm, ≥0.15µm, ≥0.2µm
Setting range 0.05µm to 0.2µm
Flow rate Flow rate 20mL/min and purge flow rate 0.1 to 1L/min combined (Purge flow rate will differ depending on sample fluid pressure)
Maximum particle number concentration 15,000 particles/mL (coincidence loss 10%)
Power requirements 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, Approx. 130VA
Dimensions Approx. 230 (H) x 385 (W) x 570 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 24.8kg