Particle Counters

Liquid-borne Particle Counters

For inline measurement


Particle Sensor

Detects partciles down to 0.1μm size

  • Process monitoring at critical system points
  • Integrated use in central chemical supply systems and wet benches
  • Counting efficiency is 60% and higher
  • Deionized water, chemical solution, hydrofluoric (KS-16F) measurements
  • Display, control and printout are possible with KZ-70
  • Direct control by computer (using KZ-70 together is possible)
  • Build up real time monitoring system with the software of RP-monitor or KF-03


Optical system Light-scattering method
Light source Laser diode (wavelength: 830nm, rated output 200mW)
Materials of parts exposed to sample fluid Sapphire, PFA
Measurement size range 5 channels: ≥0.1µm, ≥0.15µm, ≥0.2µm, ≥0.3µm, ≥0.5µm
Flow rate 10mL/min
Maximum particle number concentration 1,200 particles/mL (coincidence loss 5%)
Power requirements 100V to 240V AC, Approx. 40VA (including external power requirement KZ-50 (accessory))
Dimensions Approx. 110 (H) x 240 (W) x 150 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 3.5kg