Particle Counters

Liquid-borne Particle Counters

For inline measurement


Particle Sensor, For pure water

Detects particles down to 0.05μm size in pure water

  • Can be directly installed in equipment for on-site process control
  • Max. Sample pressure is 700 kPa
  • Sensor controller KZ-70 can be used for display, operation control, printout, and other functions
  • Multi-point monitoring system interface allows control form a computer (also in conjunction with KZ-70) directry
  • Allows configuration of multi-point monitoring system (RP monitor/KF-03)


Optical system Light-scattering method
Light source Laser diode (wavelength: 830nm, rated output 200mW)
Materials of parts exposed to sample fluid Synthetic quartz, PFA, Fluorocarbon rubber
Measurement size range 2 channels: ≥0.05µm, ≥0.1µm
(4 channels optional)
Flow rate 10mL/min
Maximum particle number concentration 100 000 particles/mL (coincidence loss 5%)
Power requirements 100V to 240V AC, Approx. 40VA (including external power requirement KZ-50 (accessory))
Dimensions Approx. 160 (H) x 300 (W) x 250 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 6kg