Particle Counters


For pulse height analysis


Allows Real-time Analysis of Signal From Particle Counter

  • Displays results of pulse height analysis as performed in particle counter
  • Automatically calculates particle sizes fromVoltageValues for display
  • Suitable for moise check of samples with noise rise such as photoresist
  • Ideal for maintenance purposes and for assuring particle counter classification accuracy
  • Particle distribution data can be used to test particlegenerator stability


Supported products Rion products with integrated pulse height analysis function
Operation environment Hardware platform: IBM PC/AT compatible computer
Operating system: Windows XP Professional/Home Edition, SP2 or later
Other equipment: CD drive, USB inter face, Serial inter face
Functions Peak search, calculate cumulative count 50%Voltage and standard deviation, smoothing, Voltage to particle size conversion, add memo, copy screen, save/load measurement results, print measurement results