Particle Counter


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For liquid-borne particle counters


Syringe Sampler

Easily Configure a Measurement System for Liquid-Borne Particle Counters
High-Precision Sample Flow Control

  • Large display allows checking current status at a glance
  • Three operation modes: Purge mode, Measurement mode, Combination mode
  • Application software allows management of all settings from a computer
  • Supported models for connection:KE-40B1、KE-40B、KE-40


Supported models for connection KE-40B1、KE-40B、KE-40
Suitable syringe sizes 25 mL PP syringe (polypropylene) [supplied]
25 mL glass syringe (Pyrex glass) [option]
Fluid-contacting materials PCTFE、PTFE、PFA、PP
Suitable sample fluids Fluids which do not cause corrosion of fluid-contacting parts
Power Supply 100 to 240 V AC ±10 % 50/60 Hz (3-pin plug), approx. 50 VA
Dimensions Approx. 345 (H) x 141 (W) x 215 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 5.5 kg


Bellows Sampler

Supply sample fluid to particle counters without fluid leaks or contamination.


Maximum dischargeVolume 15mL/stroke
External pressure 300kPa
FluidViscosity 30mPa・s (with 10mL/min)
Power requirements 100 to 240VAC, Approx. 20VA
Dimensions Approx. 105 (H) x 230 (W) x 150 (D) mm
weight Approx. 2kg


Coming Soon : Flow controller

Flow controller for in line measurement

  • XL-24 is a flow controller for pure water which can control measurement and purge flow rate.
  • It is connected to both front and rear end of the particle counter.


Fluids Pure water
Meas. Flow rate 10ml/min
Purge flow rate 0.1~1L/min
Pressure used 100~300kPa
Dimensions Approx. 140.5 (H) x 89 (W) x 280 (D) mm
weight Approx. 5.7kg


Mass Flow Controller

Flow controller for in line measurement

  • CVR-PVC and CVR-1/4-FM are flow controllers for Liquid-borne particle counter.
    They are located downstream of the counter in pressure line.
  • (This Mass Flow Controller is products of Surpass Industry Co.,Ltd.)


Fluids Pure water, chemical fluids
Flow 10 to 31.2mL/min
Pressure used 100kPa to 400kPa
Dimensions Approx. 125 (H) x 185 (W) x 110 (D) mm
weight Approx. 2.4kg


External Pressure Sampler

For off-line measurement, Sampler with pressure chamber

  • KZ-30U is designed to pressurize and supply sample fluid to the particle counters for off-line measurement.
  • Easy-to-operate chemical resistance sampler with chamber
  • When the pressure in the chamber is too high, release valve will exhaust the air in the chamber to prevent malfunction.


Maximum allowable input air pressure Sample air inlet: 0.4 MPa (gauge pressure) Chamber: 0.2MPa (gauge pressure)
Adjustable pressure range 0.02 to 0.2MPa (gauge pressure)
Maximum allowableValve pressure 0.3MPa (gauge pressure)
Material of parts in contact with sample fluid PFA, PTFE, CTFE
Dimensions Approx. 674 (H) x 250 (W) x 400 (D) mm
weight Approx. 18.5kg


standard particle concentration


Particle size Type, guaranteed particle concentration
0.23μm CTX02320, 1000particles/mL ±15%
0.34μm CTX02420, 1000particles/mL ±10%
0.60μm CTX06020, 1000particles/mL ±10%
2.09μm CTX21120, 1000particles/mL ±10%
10.14μm CTX10410, 1000particles/mL ±10%