Particle Counters


For liquid-borne particle counters


External Pressure Sampler

For off-line measurement, Sampler with pressure chamber

  • KZ-30U is designed to pressurize and supply sample fluid to the particle counters for off-line measurement.
  • Easy-to-operate chemical resistance sampler with chamber
  • When the pressure in the chamber is too high, release valve will exhaust the air in the chamber to prevent malfunction.


Maximum allowable input air pressure Sample air inlet: 0.4 MPa (gauge pressure) Chamber: 0.2MPa (gauge pressure)
Adjustable pressure range 0.02 to 0.2MPa (gauge pressure)
Maximum allowableValve pressure 0.3MPa (gauge pressure)
Material of parts in contact with sample fluid PFA, PTFE, CTFE
Dimensions Approx. 674 (H) x 250 (W) x 400 (D) mm
weight Approx. 18.5kg