RDD1125The Easter Egg in the Model NumberRion’s products represent the fruit of hard work by their developers. It’s a little-known fact that the model number for the RDD1125 power supply module, designed as a special component for the NL-04, the development of which Wakabayashi contrib-uted to, contains the date of his son’s birthday. This is hardly household knowledge. But it signals that all products are special to developers, just as their children are.[NL-42A] (2020)The latest handheld sound level meter, the NL-42A, offers vari-ous optional programs and soft-ware, allowing users to perform measurements as desired. It’s an eco-friendly model compatible with rechargeable batteries. The NL-62, another model in the se-ries, performs measurements at ultralow frequencies of around 1 Hz.[NL-42] (2011)Designed to provide improved measurement reliability, the handheld NL-42 sound level meter marked a full model change from the preceding model. It featured high waterproof performance, in addition to high precision and high stability made possible by extensive use of digital processing technologies. The model had enhanced user-friendliness with a color LCD touch panel that can display multiple languages.[NL-27](2009)The NL-27 is a compact, light-weight, wide-range sound level meter. It offers remarkable sim-plicity and usability for measure-ments of equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure lev-els, maximum sound levels, and sound exposure levels.[NL-21](2001)The NL-21 offered a linearity range of 100 dB to eliminate the need to switch level ranges. The mod-el made simultaneous measure-ments of equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure lev-els, percentile noise levels, and maximum sound levels and of-fered various extended functions to allow a wide range of noise measurements.like frequency analysis to the sound level meter using a memory card containing the program required to implement the extended function. The product also oered a sound recording function for evaluating data validity.”The NL-21 series received the 10th Technical Development Award from the Acoustical Society of Japan for contributions to next-generation noise evaluations.For a Future in Which People Can Live in ComfortIn the 2000s, as technologies began to advance rapidly in various elds, Rion continued to produce sound level meters that met measurement needs—the ultra-compact NL-27, which oers a wide measurement range but can t into one’s pocket; the NL-42, the rst device made in Japan to adopt a waterproof construction; and the NL-62 developed in 2012, so advanced that a single unit is capable of simultaneous measurements of ultralow frequency sound and environmental noise.“Every new product represents the total commitment of the developer, with limitless support and contributions from those around,” comments Wakabayashi.“There’s this basic component called a condenser. I once collected every condenser I could get my hands on. I tested every one of them and created a part oering the performance we needed by carefully selecting and combining them. Our procurement department is especially resourceful. Once I consulted with them on the requirements for an LCD that I needed for the next product, and in response, they scoured Japan for a manufac-turer who could produce custom-made LCDs.”Sound level meters are valuable equipment for their users. Once pur-chased, most can be expected to remain in service for more than 10 years, meaning quality and durability are always requisite in their development. Through diligent inspections, calibration, and repairs, some users manage to keep using the same unit for more than 20 years.It’s been 66 years since the development of our rst sound level meter. Awareness of noise has grown and signicant improvements have been made to resolve noise pollution problems. Still, Wakabayashi believes the problem of noise will most likely persist.“Automobile engines are quieter, and the adoption of low-noise pave-ments reduces the sound of the automobiles moving over them. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be noise-free. When the acoustic insulation perfor-mance of a building improves and a room becomes quieter, people begin to notice the noise from the air conditioning system or the refrigerator. And when these sounds become quieter, then more subtle sounds jump out. That’s human nature. At Rion, we’ve been developing sound level meters and looking at measurement as a way to create better sound envi-ronments. We’ll continue to search for things we can do to provide the best solutions to familiar issues regarding sound.”Making lives more comfortable means creating more comfortable envi-ronments, for which measurement is fundamental. In the future, sound level data collected by IoT will make it possible to monitor and map every kind of noise encountered in the world. Rion’s role is to realize comfort-able sound environments by making precision measurement widely avail-able. Make products a step ahead of the times. The never-ending eort, inquiring minds, and passion of our predecessors are legacies passed down to our current engineers at Rion. As a frontrunner in acoustic mea-surement, Rion is dedicated to continuing to move forward.9

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