Kobayasi Institute of Physical ResearchThis institute pursues research on noise and vibrations—road trafc noise, railway noise, and vibration measurement—as well as sound absorption rateand sound transmis-sion loss measurements, various materials testing such as vibration damping tests of vibration con-trol materials, and research on piezoelectric polymer properties. It operates various ex-perimental and research facilities, including an anechoic room, reverberation room, and model experiment room required for acous-tic experiments; a low-frequency sound experiment roomfor characteristic and eval-uation experiments of auditory perception at low-frequencies; an oblique incidence sound absorption experiment room for sound ab-sorption rate (oblique incidence sound ab-sorption coefcient) measurement for sound entering from specic directions; and a lab-oratory building for architectural acoustics testing. It focuses on studies intended to broadly benet society.Multi-Channel Signal Analyzer SA-02This system detects and renders pass/fail judgments on abnormal sounds and vibra-tions on lines. Depending on the purpose, various sensors can be selected and con-nected to the unit, including various micro-phones, acceleration pickups, and surface intensity sensors. It’s won high praise from users for its role as a frequency analyzer and is equipped with functions for multi-channel signal analysis, FFT analysis, and 1/1-, 1/3-, and 1/12-octave band analysis.How are Rion’s products used by customers? How do they contribute to society?For this episode, we visited the Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research, which pursues research on noise and vibration.Manga by Tama Tsuchiya15

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