HanoiHueMekong RiverPhú Quốc IslandHo Chi Minh CityI’ve been posted in Vietnam since 2018. I’d like to write about my work and life there. When I was in Sendai, the division head at that time was looking for someone willing to go to Vietnam. Finding the idea interesting, I raised my hand. In Japan, I’d always been aware of Rion’s reputation and how that sim-plied my job as a sales representative. So, I thought, “I wonder how well I could do in a market where Rion’s name has yet to be well-known. I bet it will be a great opportunity to improve myself.” That was the reasoning behind wanting to work abroad.Rion has been exporting its products for several decades now, but it wasn’t until 2016 that we really began to try expanding sales of our medical testing equipment in Vietnam. We have no local branch or sales ofce there. To lay the foundations for working with otorhinolaryngologists, I started by creating a system to make audiometric testing and prescription hearing aids available at major national and public hospitals. I’m currently offering our services and products on a daily basis through these hospitals. I mainly work in Ho Chi Minh City and visit hospitals and sales outlets in Hanoi, Hue, and other regions for promotional and sales activities. The ight time between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is approximately 2 hours. At one time, I would y several times a week between the cities.In contrast to Japan, only some hospitals in large cities of Vietnam are capable of offering audiometric test-ing and prescribing hearing aids. That’s why it brings me joy every time I see a patient’s face light up when they rst try one of our hearing aids. These moments motivate me to work harder. In Vietnam, most of the patients are accompanied by family members, who are worried about their loved ones, but hearing aids bring a smile to the faces of everyone in the family. In those moments, I’m truly glad my work involves introducing hearing aids to people’s lives like this.On the downside, I’ve encountered people who’ve had impaired hearing since childhood and who’ve never been trained in speech or language fail to com-prehend words even after being tted with a hearing aid. This is totally different from the situation in Japan. I hope the public welfare system will be improved to expand the number of audiometric testing devices installed, to enhance early detection and follow-up for people with hearing impairments, and to subsidize the purchase of hearing aids.As I grow more familiar with the people and culture through my work and life here, I often hear that the current situation resembles the period of Japan’s rapid economic growth, or ‘bubble economy’. The pace of economic growth is truly dramatic. Each day, I witness rsthand the growing prosperity. Reecting this mood, I nd that people are quick to take action and make decisions. In a business situation, the people are really hungry, such as “No need to go into the details. If there’s prot to be made, what are we waiting for?” That’s their attitude. Everything advances at a rapid pace. That’s completely different from present day Japan. There’s much I can learn from being here, and I think part of my job is to pass on the knowledge to those in Japan.I’m the only employee of Rion posted to Vietnam. While the sense of responsibility weighs on me, there’s also a sense of fulllment. Through our company’s products, I’m experiencing things I could never have experienced back in Japan. To bring smiles to as many people as possible and to expand our sales—those are the two goals that motivate me.Hearing Aids Bringing a Smile to the Whole FamilyFitting a hearing aid at the Bach Mai Hospital, a national hospital in HanoiEnjoying Vietnam food with two local Vietnamese sales staffTaking time off on Phú Quốc Island, off the southern coast of VietnamHo Chi Minh City, with many buildings stretching into the distanceOn a cruise in Mekong River; aboard a fruit-vending boatVietnamYudai IsobeMedical Instrument Division, posted to Vietnam In 2018, he was posted to Vietnam when Rion launched sales of hearing aids in Hanoi, followed by Ho Chi Minh City. He’s in charge of ttings and sales of hearing aids and sales of medical testing equipment at hospitals and sales outlets, and currently travels around Vietnam to promote the Rion brand and expand sales.Here we’ll present reports by Rion staff members posted overseas, on their work and their daily lives.How does Rion contribute to people in foreign countries? What’s life like abroad?This section will be presented as a series of stories, with one member’s story in each issue.FROM OVERSEAS Rion Across the Sea16

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