“I like the sense of distance Kokubunji gives. It’s not too spacious, but not too conned. The people are warm but not meddlesome. The center of Tokyo remains accessible, but not accessible.Kokubunji is so perfectly located it remains free of the fast-paced life of Tokyo. Live too far from the center though, and there’s the risk of a suffocating suburban life; live too close to the urban center and there’s the risk of losing yourself in a busy city life. That’s what I like about working in this town. You can always nd time for yourself.”Takeuchi starts by taking us to a café, Honyarado. It’s a local hideaway and icon of Kokubunji, known for its numerous hippie communities during the 1970s. It has a superbly crafted wooden counter table and table seating for leisurely whiling away the hours, and is a favorite café bar frequented by fashionable locals—and even people from outside the town. Takeuchi often spends his time at the café after work.“I used to work for an ofce in Ginza, which is an exciting place just to wander around. But I think the atmosphere there made me a bit restless. Now that my ofce is located in the calmness of Kokubunji, I feel more anchored and self-controlled as I work. Well, a lot of the time I’m running around the company with my arms full of paperwork.” Next stop is Kasugai, his favorite second-hand shop, and Yoshida Suits, a tailor’s shop. Just seeing the nostalgic interior goods and tools from around the world takes you back in time—a retro-modern suit shop that functions as a retreat for reapprais-ing your true self. Both are places you may want to drop in on after work, and stores like these, snuggled within the residential areas, are part of the town’s charms.“Kokubunji is perfect for Rion, whose style is to continue pursuing what we believe in, regardless of trends. Rion takes pride in calmly thinking things through, focusing on exploring a theme, and identifying what’s truly important. I understand why our head ofce has been here ever since we constructed our company building in this town.”Takeuchi claims the positive ofce environment is a driving force behind his work fulllment and coming up with fresh ideas. Listening to the sound of the clear streams owing through the quaint town while strolling along Otaka-no-Michi Path and Masugata-no-ike Pond Springs (the latter named one of Tokyo’s 57 renowned springs) and appreciating the village forests of Musashino in the green conservation area of Koigakubo—this closeness to the nature is another privilege enjoyed by those who work in Kokubunji.A Town of Enchantment That Reminds You of Your Inner Self with Every New Step❶ The invaluable joy of walking amid greenery ❷ Kasugai, a sec-ond-hand shop lled with goods from the good old days from around the world to entice buy-ers ❸ Yoshida Suits, a tailor’s shop with a shopfront lifted straight from suburban London ❹ Taking a look inside Hirobe Kaban, a leathercraft shop, and Klang, a metal accessories shop, to be soothed in the calming presence of hand-crafted prod-ucts ❺ An leather apron bag be-ing sold at Hirobe Kaban ❻ Chatting with the owner of Hirobe Kaban, a leathercraft shop. The unique local characters are one of Kokubunji’s many charms ❼ Strolling around Kokubunji along its many clear streams ❽ An unexpected dis-covery of an owl café during a walk along a stream, something to be set aside for future visits ❾ The interior of the Honyarado with its clear traces of hippie cul-ture ❿ Inside the Honyarado café, which becomes a bar at nightRION STAFF SHOW YOU AROUND—OUR FAVORITE TOWN, KOKUBUNJIStrolls Around KokubunjiIn this new collaborative series of articles, each of our staff members will presents their unique take on Kokubunji, Rion’s hometown. Today, we’ll embark on a half-day tour and immerse ourselves in this delightful town. We’ll visit the spots locals want to keep secret and explore its many charms.HonyaradoFrom its beginnings as a hangout for free-thinking hippies, this café remains unchanged by the currents of the times. Today it’s a quiet, unassuming hideaway for adults.Kokubunji Manshion B0918-3 Minamicho 2-chome, Kokubunji-shi, TokyoMy FavoriteRyo TakeuchiInvestor & Public Relations Section. Since joining Rion he’s been in charge of publish-ing in-house newsletters and public rela-tions activities for investors. He’s a member of the Editorial Committee of the RION Technical Journal. In his private life, he pur-chased a second-hand apartment last year and renovated the four-bedroom at into a spacious studio apartment; Ryo and his wife have one son.❶❷❹❸❺❿❻❼❽❾17 This issue’s theme[Retro-Modern & Green]Hometown!

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