PROJECT STORY A Documentary of Product Development at RionCan Sound Be Conducted Via Cartilage?—The Road to the Development of the Cartilage Conduction Hearing Aid—HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY Rion’s Technologies Over the YearsPart 1: Sound Level MetersFrom Maker of Sound Level Meters to Leader in Acoustic MeasurementFROM NOW ON The Present and Future of RionHow Particle Counters Support Our SocietyIN THE BACKYARD On the Front Lines of Technology DevelopmentInterview with Kiyokatsu Iwahashi,Director of Technical Development CenterIn What Way Rion’s Innovation Comes intoTALES OF RION See and Hear Tales of Rion Products and Daily Life!Measuring the Sound InsulationPerformance of Building MaterialsFROM OVERSEASRion Across the Sea - VietnamRION STAFF SHOW YOU AROUND—OUR FAVORITE TOWN, KOKUBUNJIStrolls Around Kokubunji[Retro-Modern & Green]ACTIVITYRion’s [Activity Report]EPILOGUE: SCIENCE, SCIENCE! Column by Rion’s staff on their obsession with scienceBecause We’re Science Lovers001 The Ehrenfest Urn Model: Fascinating Irreversibility02 0610121416171820Copyright © RION All rights reserved.No portion of this journal may be reprinted or redistributed without prior consent.Cover Art: “View from the Kokubunji Cliff Line”At the foot of the cliff are the cherry blossoms that mark the arrival of spring. In the distance are the snowy outlines of the Minami Alps. The print depicts the Rion ofce building located in Kokubunji, a town that marks a conuence of humans, his-tory, and a verdant natural setting.By Yusuke Kitajima (woodblock artist)Completed the graduate course in block printing at the Musashino Art University in 2014. He draws on a unique method that combines the techniques of woodblock printing and monotyping to create a single unique print, using familiar everyday items as subjects.[Publication]Kenichi Shimizu[Planning and Production]RION Technical Journal Editorial CommitteeNobuhisa OkamotoKenichi MatsuzakiToshiyuki HasumiAtsuhiko NakayamaKazuhiko NakamuraYoshikazu HagiwaraKaori SakataMotoyoshi OkunoTsuyoshi MaedaHideto NishimuraMasumi UetaIsamu KanouHiroyasu YajimaRyo TakeuchiRika MinagakiShinichi Yamazaki[Editing and Interview]Miguel Utsunomiya[Art Direction and Design]Ken Nishinaka (Nishinaka Design Ofce)[Date of Publication]May, 27, 2021We’ve published RION Technical Journal, vol. 1, as a source of technical information from Rion.We will try to create a journal whose pages provide in-depth and stimulating content, presented in a refresh-ing style. Our goal is to tell our readers about Rion’s current capa-bilities and our future prospects.The publication of the RION Technical Journal marks the end of Shake Hands, our earlier technical journal. Volume 12, published in December 2020, is the last issue of the Shake Hands. We’re grateful to all the readers whose avid interest made the continuing publication of the journal possible.Vol.12021/5

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