How are Rion’s products used by customers? How do they contribute to society?For this episode, we visited the Narita International Airport to see sound level meters in action.Narita International Airport Promotion FoundationThe Narita International Airport Promotion Foundation was founded in 1988 as a public interest corporation to fulfill the airport’s function as an international airport. Since its founding, it’s undertaken various activities, including efforts to make the airport more comfortable and convenient for passengers (activities to increase the benefits for airport users); acting as an intermediary between the airport and local communities around the airport (activities to promote a harmonious relationship between the airport and the communities surrounding the airport); establishing a safe working environment for airport personnel (activities to improve the quality of airport personnel); and conducting aircraft noise surveys for environmental conservation.NL-62 precision sound level meterThe NL-62 is a precision sound level meter capable of measuring noise and low-frequency sound with a single unit. The unit is easy to use, even for first-time users, and comes complete with all the functions needed to comply with ISO 1996-1:2016 and ISO 1996-2:2017 which regulates the measurement of environmental noise. It offers IP54 water resistance (excluding the microphone), runs on rechargeable batteries, and allows continuous data recording for 1,000 hours (approx. 1 month).NA-39A environmental noise monitorDesigned for automated monitoring of aircraft noise, the NA-39A can calculate evaluation values according to the Environmental Standards Related to Aircraft Noise. The real time 1/3 octave band analysis function provided as a standard feature can be used for sound source identification. A GPS function is also standard, for obtaining location information and enabling automatic time calibration. Collected data can be processed with aircraft noise management software for data compilation, review, and creating reports.month).Manga by Tama Tsuchiya15

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