Reception desk at Rion’s Shanghai of ceHistorical street near the Beijing of ceA skyline of modern skyscrapers near the Guangzhou of ceBeijingShanghaiGuangzhouWuhanChinaRion Across the Sea16Commemorative photograph at Rion’s booth in an exhi-bition held in ChinaNoise measurement training in the streets of GuangzhouYoshiya SatoRion Science & Technology Shanghai Ltd. He oversees sales activities at Rion’s of ce in Shanghai. He has access to a wide net-work of individuals in various sectors within China, including the precision instruments industry, semiconductor industry, railway industry, universities, hospitals, and the en-vironmental bureau. He’s constantly travel-ling around China to coordinate with his Chinese staff.I’ve lived in Shanghai for quite some time as I was posted here in 2013. Rion’s Shanghai office currently has 15 staff members. It’s our largest overseas office. The products we handle include audiometric testing instruments, vibration meters, and noise level meters. Most of what we do involves sales. Rion isn’t a well-known name in China yet, as it is in Japan, so we’re still in the phase of actively promoting the Rion brand in this country.What I sense most vividly in my life here in China is the energy and speed of the people. Large cities in China, like Shanghai, have an urban atmosphere comparable to cities like Tokyo and Osaka. But they’re also filled with the energy of people striving to reach still higher, both economically and spiritually. What the Covid pandemic has shown to me is the sense of solidarity in this country. The Chinese government announced a clear action plan to its people to suppress the spread of Covid. I get the impression the plan has been implemented and that the epidemic is currently under control, relatively speaking. I’ve heard there’s another Covid surge in southern China, but most people seem to trust that their government will protect them. There isn’t a sense of much panic. I’m impressed with the solidarity I see here and the fact that Chinese people never appear to become pessimistic, whatever the circumstances.Speaking of the national character, I think most Chinese people are candid and direct in expressing opinions. No means no. Good things are good. I’m constantly energized by the speed demonstrated by the Chinese people I work with. That may be why the SA-A1 (multi-function measuring system) sells well as our core product here. Its main feature is instant results. The system consists of a tablet-type measuring instrument. With touch panel operations and no cables, the product measures noise and vibration and gives analysis results on the spot. In Japan, our leading product is a system in which sound and noise are measured and recorded at the site, then the data is brought back to the office to be analyzed on a PC. But in China, this product doesn’t sell. They want results right away. I find this aspect of the national character truly interesting.It’s rubbed off on me, too. Now I’m more aware of the speed in my work processes. I make instant decisions and take immediate action. These are vital business skills, and this attitude has had a positive impact on me. But the strength of Rion’s products lies in their reliability and durability. I think it’s important that this emphasis on speed isn’t at the expense of the reliability of our products and services. We have to strike the right balance.Shanghai offers all the conveniences of a major city. I don’t find myself wanting for anything. But to tell you the truth, I don’t like spicy food, so I tend to stay away from Chinese foods [laughs]. One dish I do like is malatang. It’s like a hot pot, only you get to choose what ingredients go in, like meat and vegetables, and also how the soup is seasoned. In addition to Shanghai, Rion has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Wuhan and whenever I meet with the staff at these offices, malatang is on the table. Accompanied by a glass of beer, it’s enough to convince you that you’re in heaven.Speed is Everything in the Chinese Market!Here we’ll present reports by Rion staff members posted overseas on their work and their daily lives.How does Rion contribute to people in foreign countries? What’s life like abroad?This section is presented as a series of stories, with the story of one member presented in each issue.FROM OVERSEAS

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