Ever since joining Rion, Kaori Yamasaki’s duties have been in international sales. Initially posted in Shinjuku, she was transferred to the main office in Kokubunji 20 years ago, where she now resides. Yamasaki leads us to the Musashi Kokubunji Park, a one-minute walk from the main office. “When I decided to run the Ohme Road Race and I was training for it, I used to run here every day during my lunch hour. There’s a track in this park, so quite a few of our employees can be found running here during lunch.”Sprawling around a pleasing circular lawn-covered space rimmed by giant trees and a waterfall, the park is a wonderful place. According to Yamasaki, she can recommend several other paths near our main office filled with greenery and ideal for running as well as this one in the park. Taking a run through such a relaxing environment refreshes her both in mind and body and helps her concentrate on her afternoon work.“I also recommend walking from the park to the Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library and taking a break with some coffee and sweet bread at a boulangerie called the Café Quignon, which is on the premises. Kokubunji is a town filled with greenery. You’ll be on a leisurely walk through town and unexpectedly come across a hidden café. The town never bores you. I often show clients visiting from abroad around this town. Thankfully, it’s always been an easy task because the town has so much to offer. I see them relaxing among the greenery and enjoying themselves in a quiet, tasteful café during their time off.”Later, Yamasaki took us to Manyo Gardens, where we enjoyed the plants beloved of the poets of the Manyoshu. Then we passed through the Otaka-no-Michi and Masugata-no-ike Pond Springs, selected as one of the best 100 natural water sources in Japan, and walked on. With renewed surprise, moving through an area so lush with vegetation, I realized how close we were to the main office.On a whim, I asked Yamasaki, who planned this tour around Kokubunji—strolling, pausing, strolling for a bit more before taking a break in a café—what her thoughts were on the relationship between Rion and this town.“I think many of the employees at Rion seem to have an easy-going attitude. They don’t rush through things. They’d rather think carefully before taking decisive action. I think having our main office located in Kokubunji has a significant effect on the mindset of the people working at our company. It’s not a city where people are completely surrounded by artificial things. It feels like we’re working in a relaxed atmosphere. I, for one, have been in charge of many duties that I wanted. And I’ve been surrounded by reliable colleagues who’ve let me enjoy working on them. This positive environment lets me come up with new ideas and face the challenges of finding solutions to difficult problems. I think having emotional leeway is important in both work and life. I really love the constant reliable atmosphere of this town.”I Owe My Peace of Mind to This Town17OUR FAVORITE TOWN, KOKUBUNJI—RION STAFF SHOW YOU AROUNDMusashi Kokubunji ParkThe park has a circular lawn area with a circum ference of about 500 meters at the center, bordered by beautiful giant trees, a waterfall, and a pond. This vast, open space is a great place for you to exercise and relax.2-1-1 Izumi-cho, Kokubunji CityMy FavoriteKaori YamasakiMedical Instrument International Sales Section, Medical Instrument Division. She’s in charge of sales of hearing aids and other devices to foreign countries. She handles various sales tasks to promote the Rion brand in other countries, with a focus on countries in Asia.Strolls Around KokubunjiHometown!In this new collaborative series of articles, each of our staff members will take turns giving their unique take on Kokubunji, Rion’s hometown. In part 2, a Rion staff member in charge of international sales will take you on a walk around the main of ce and contemplate the relationship between Kokubunji and Rion in a relaxed atmosphere.❶❸❷❹❶Café Quignon in Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library. Come to enjoy delicious homemade scones with a cup of coffee. Perfect for lunch.❷Yakushido at Musashi Kokubun-ji, said to have been built in 1335. The temple is a city-designated important tangible cultural property. It’s a splen-did spot to relax in on your own. People working at Rion are fortunate to have a place like this, just a five-minute walk from the main office.❸The Manyo Gardens. Here you’ll find roughly 160 species of plants mentioned in the poems in Manyoshu. Recommended if you like spending time amid greenery.❹One of the wonderful things about Kokubunji is the constant sense of water flowing nearby while you’re on your walk. Let the sound of the flowing water heal your soul as you take a leisurely stroll. This issue’s theme[A Healing Walk]

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