PROJECT STORY A Documentary of Product Development at RionProtecting People Around the World from Noise—Offering Total Solutions Ranging from the Creation of a Sound Calibration System and Testing Environment to the Operation ThereofHISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY Rion’s Technologies Over the YearsPart 2: Liquid-borne Particle CountersComponent Measurement of Parenteral Solutions Provides Effective Support for Medical CareFROM NOW ON The Now and Future of RionWhat Will Our World Look Like in 2050?IN THE BACKYARD On the Front Lines of Technology DevelopmentGrasping the Degree of Reduction in Temporal ResolutionExploring the Possibilities of Temporal Modulation Transfer Function (TMTF) MeasurementTALES OF RION See and Hear Tales of Rion Products and Daily Life!Measuring Aircraft NoiseFROM OVERSEAS Rion Across the SeaChinaOUR FAVORITE TOWN KOKUBUNJI RION Staff Show You AroundStrolls Around Kokubunji [A Healing Walk]GOOD RELATIONS The Wonderful Relationship Between Rion and PeoplePart 1 / YUMIE [Professional bodyboarder and yoga instructor]There’s Always a Reward Waiting When You Complete a ChallengeACTIVITYRion’s [Activity Report]EPILOGUE-SCIENCE, SCIENCE! Column by Rion’s staff on their obsession with scienceBecause We’re Math Lovers002 Endless Thoughts on the Concept of Infinity!02 061012141617181920[Publication]Kenichi Shimizu[Planning and Production]RION Technical Journal Editorial CommitteeNobuhisa OkamotoKenichi MatsuzakiRika MinagakiAtsuhiko NakayamaMotofumi ShioneriKyoko HamanakaTakashi MinakamiHideto NishimuraMasumi UetaIsamu KanoKazuhiko NakamuraYoshikazu HagiwaraKaori SakataShinichi YamazakiTsuyoshi MaedaRyo Takeuchi[Editing and Interview]Miguel Utsunomiya[Art Direction and Design]Ken Nishinaka (Nishinaka Design Of ce)[Date of Publication]October, 14 2021Cover Art: Hearing AidAn elegant and beautiful hearing aid with a smooth curving gure. The gradations in color created by light and shadow are rendered in a pop art-like style re ecting the summer spirit.By Yusuke Kitajima (woodblock artist)Completed the graduate course in block printing at the Musashino Art University in 2014. He draws on a unique method that com-bines the techniques of woodblock printing and monotyping to create a single unique print, using familiar everyday items as subjects.The cover of this issue features the artwork of a state-of-the-art hearing aid. The inside of the front cover features a photograph of an original-style hearing aid. Hearing aids have changed dramatically since they were first introduced. Today, the most advanced hearing aids have shrunk to less than one-tenth the size of the original ones. In place of an empty funnel, we find ultra-compact precision components packed closely together. Now, hearing aids are even offered in an assortment of colors. (Ueta)People tend to smile without realizing it when they talk about their dreams, a smile likely to catch on with those listening. The world in 2050 described in our new feature “FROM NOW ON” is a splendid place where everyone can be happy. Rion is steadily moving forward to help create such a future. (Hagiwara)I’ve been on the staff of the Manga section for a while. I felt a bit anxious about the shift in focus from introducing our products to how our customers use them, but my interviews with users turned out to be great experiences. I’ve learned things I wasn’t aware of. And I’ve heard some telling phrases. (Nakamura)Interviews have helped me realize the importance of tackling a challenge enthusiastically, with a determination to achieve progress and innovations. I’ve been exposed to diverse views and ways of thinking. The contents of this journal present an opportunity for our readers to see diverse aspects of our company. (Minagaki)Editorial ForewordVol.22021/10CopyrightⒸ RION All Rights ReservedNo portion of this journal may be reprinted or redistributed without prior consent.

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