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  • Message from President

    Message from Rion's President & CEO, Kenichi Shimizu

  • Corporate Philosophy

    Rion's corporate philosophy, management philosophy, and code of conduct

  • Corporate Outline

    Rion's corporate data including capital, management, office locations, etc.

  • Contents of Business

    Introducing the contents of business by Rion: hearing instruments, audiological equipments, sound and vibration measuring instruments and particle counters

  • Financial Highlights

    Consolidated financial results for the past 5 years

The Report for Forefront of Rion Technologies Here, we introduce series of "practices" that Rion performs for the business and people. Click for more information
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Milestones of technological innovation Here we introduce Rion's history that the company continued to exploit in new fields centering on the technologies in acoustics and vibration. Click for more information
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