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Rion's acoustics and vibration technologies support businesses and lifestyles in various fields.

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Rion's Efforts for Environmental Measures

Quality Policy

To earn lasting trust and satisfaction, Rion sincerely listens to the customer’s voice, constantly spearheading improvement activities as the roots of manufacturing, pursuing top-quality products and services.

Basic Principle

Protection of the environment is a vital and universal task for humankind.

Planet Earth as a whole is a precious and irreplaceable gift, and it is up to each individual to preserve that gift by keeping our planet healthy.

Through all activities, Rion is always environmentally conscious, and by providing products and services that are tender to people, society and environment, Rion contributes to ensuring healthy and cultural life and human welfare.

Environmental Policy

Rion will work on the following activities to conserve the global environment.


Identification of risks and opportunities that affect the growth of existing businesses

Policies towards carbon neutrality have been set in motion in various countries.
We believe that this will bring about a change in what people think energy, raw materials, parts, supply chains, services, etc. should be.
We must predict and identify changes that will affect businesses connected with SDGs, regard them as risks, and investigate countermeasures.
Such countermeasures can be an opportunity for business transformation.We expect that they will lead to expansion of fields in our efforts to contribute to society.


Greener products

Rion does not employ environmental pollutants as constituent materials of our products (including packaging materials).


Every staff strives to reduce their environmental load.

Rion is conscious of the environmental load in the execution ofbusiness and selects activities that create lower loads.
Rion considers reuse or recycling, and controls unnecessary lighting or idle running of machinery.


Conservation of regional environments

Rion is committed to conserving the environment, including that of local communities by maintaining green assets in good condition,through participating in local environmental activities, neighborhood clean ups and up-keeping greenery within our grounds.

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