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Rion's acoustics and vibration technologies support businesses and lifestyles in various fields.

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Rion's Efforts for Environmental Measures

Basic Principle

Protection of the environment is a vital and universal task for humankind.

Planet Earth as a whole is a precious and irreplaceable gift, and it is up to each individual to preserve that gift by keeping our planet healthy.

Through all activities, Rion is always environmentally conscious, and by providing products and services that are tender to people, society and environment, Rion contributes to ensuring healthy and cultural life and human welfare.

2018 Environmental Policy

Air, sound, vibration, smell, water quality, etc.
Our lives are encompassed by essential elements from a variety of environments.
Our philosophy is to contribute to people, society and the world.
Improving the environment in which people live is one of the major social contributions.


Improvement of sound environment

The sound environment is an important element among all things that constitute the environment in which we live. Sound connects people when they talk, and sound is the noise that is created all around us outdoors. We provide a high-quality sound environment in daily lives through the provision of hearing instruments and sound level meters.


Expansion of fields of contribution

With the expansion of the market range of products handled, Rion contributes to the improvement of various environmental fields among which people live, not only to sound environment but also to vibration and water quality environments.


Greener products

Rion does not employ environmental pollutants as constituent materials of our products (including packaging materials).


Every person strives to reduce their environmental load.

Rion is conscious of the environmental load in the execution of business and selects activities that create lower loads.


Prevention of global warming

Keeping the feeling of “mottainai (wastefulness)” in mind will reduce global warming. Before discarding anything, we consider reuse or recycling, and diligently control unnecessary lighting or idle running of machinery (wasteful energy consumption).


Conservation of regional environments

Rion is committed to conserving the environment, including that of local communities by maintaining green assets in good condition, through participating in local environmental activities, neighborhood clean ups and up-keeping greenery within our grounds.

Rion will make this environment policy known to all staff and throughout group companies, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders with the desire that they cooperate with the environmental management activities.

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