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Rion's acoustics and vibration technologies support businesses and lifestyles in various fields.

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SDGs and Social Contribution

At Rion, social contribution is a key component of our Corporate Philosophy. We began to address environmental issues from early on and have been contributing to society through our businesses.
Our businesses are oriented in the same direction as the SDGs. Our philosophy, which we have developed throughout our long history, remains unwavering.


Improving the quality of life of hard-of-hearing people
(Medical Instrument Business)

Rion's initiative

We continue to take initiatives for improving the quality of life of hard-of-hearing people by providing hearing instruments and testing equipment used in the otorhinolaryngology and other domains. We work to enable customers to hear better, so they can enjoy living positively every day.

Examples of specific initiatives

We operate a nationwide network of specialized stores offering hearing instruments, which boast expertise in our products. These stores provide customers with appropriately adjusted hearing instruments and support for their continued use.
We take initiatives related to hearing for children in Japan through the Kids Ouen Project (Project for Supporting Children), including a subsidy for purchasing hearing instruments for children and factory tours for families.
By developing medical testing equipment centered on hearing and promoting supply to medical sites, we support the early detection and diagnosis of illnesses and the resolution of communication disorders by starting early treatment.
In schools, including special-needs schools, we install hearing assistive devices that can be used by students who find it difficult to hear.
In Vietnam, we continue to implement an initiative in which we provide hearing test equipment to major medical institutions and expand hearing instruments, which are appropriately adjusted based on hearing tests conducted by medical doctors. We also cooperate in human resource development, including the provision of technical guidance on equipment operation and training sessions for local physicians.

Promoting the development of safe, secure cities
(Environmental Instrument Business)

Rion's initiative

Our living environment and social infrastructure have sounds and vibrations that have a variety of impacts. By providing measuring instruments, including sound level meters and vibration meters, we cooperate with domestic and overseas government agencies, municipal governments, companies, and organizations in promoting the development of cities where people can live safely with a sense of security.

Examples of specific initiatives

We engage in activities that contribute to protection from environmental noise. For example, we install aircraft noise monitoring systems at airports in Japan and overseas to reduce noise generated by aircraft. Recently, we have taken diverse initiatives, including the measurement of noise at major airports in Japan and international airports in Europe and Asia.
Through the constant monitoring of machine vibrations at power stations, industrial plants, production facilities, and other facilities needed for town development, we prevent a decline in energy efficiency.
Through the constant monitoring of earthquake vibrations at railways, roads, dams, power stations, and other facilities, contributing to an early response to earthquakes and the reduction of related damage.

Contributing to technological innovations in industrial fields
(Particle Counter Business)

Rion's initiative

Taking advantage of our particle counting technologies, we contribute to technological innovations in diverse industrial fields, including electronic, pharmaceutical, and food manufacturing industries. We improve productivity at production sites and provide products to water purification plants and similar facilities, thereby supplying safe water. Through these and other initiatives, we contribute to making people's lives wealthy and healthy.

Examples of specific initiatives

By counting the particles contained in pure water and the variety of chemicals used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, we contribute to improving the efficiency of production lines and the miniaturization of semiconductors.
At plants where pharmaceutical products are manufactured and tested, we count insoluble particles contained in injectable solutions, ensuring excellent quality. We also monitor pharmaceutical water for microorganisms and foreign particles, improving the manufacturing quality of pharmaceutical products.
Biological hazards, which pose a threat to health from living organisms in water systems, occur at water purification plants across the country due to rapid climate change and other factors. We alleviate this problem using technology for counting phytoplankton automatically, improving the efficiency of water purification treatment and maintaining the water infrastructure that supports our lives.