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Rion's acoustics and vibration technologies support businesses and lifestyles in various fields.

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Rion's Efforts for Quality of Products

Quality Management Systems

Rion products are used in various scenes such as daily life, healthcare, environment protection, and industries. As many of Rion products are subject to applicable laws and regulations, such as Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act or the Mesurement Law, advanced quality management depended on product is required.
Rion group will offer relief, safe and satisfaction to the users, aim to be the reliable company with constant trust from them and actively make efforts for quality improvement activities, with establishing the compliance and quality control system based on quality management system.

The quality management system of Rion group is subject to and comply with ISO9001 and international medical device standards, ISO13458. Rion group establish the consistent quality control system across the entire processes including design, development, manufacture, sales and service.

Quality Management System Certified Offices/Facilities

Acquired international certifications Certified offices/facilities Year of certification
ISO9001:2015 Rion Co., Ltd.
Rion Service Center Co., Ltd.
Rion Techno Co., Ltd.
Kyushu Rion Co., Ltd.
ISO13485:2016 Rion Co., Ltd.
Rion Service Center Co., Ltd.
Rion Techno Co., Ltd.
Kyushu Rion Co., Ltd.

Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS)

Regarding calibration institutions, Rion is registered as a JCSS calibrator laboratory for international standards ISO/IEC 17025. Rion provides calibration services treaceable to national measuring standards for sound level meters, measurement microphones, sound calibrators, reference accelerometers, piezoelectric accelerometers and field vibration calibrators (calibration exciters).

Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS)

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