About Rion

Rion's acoustics and vibration technologies support businesses and lifestyles in various fields.

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Message from President

President & C.E.O Kiyotsune Inoue

Thank you very much for visiting our website. I appreciate your interest in Rion with visiting our website.

We are pleased to introduce our company to you. Rion was founded in 1944 to develop and commercialize the products based on the results of research activities by the Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research, a foundation dedicated to the study of physics and acoustics. Corporate name “RION” comes from our two main research themes, RIgaku (meaning “science”) and ONkyogaku (“acoustics”).

For more than 70 years of our history, we have introduced products that are regarded as to be first developed in Japan or even in the world, and such products have gained great evaluation from the users of various fields. Today, we believe “medical” and “environment” are our important and core business, which shall be the two essential keywords of this 21st century, and are so active to do our business concentrating on the four main product lines: hearing instruments, medical equipment, sound & vibration measuring instruments, and particle counters.

Based on the corporate philosophy “Contributing people, society, and the world through all our activities”, we have been conducting business to realize comfortable life and safe environment. We aim to continue developing while gaining trust from our customers, stockholders and society. We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

With this website, we aim to meet your expectations by offering the latest information in addition to as much useful information as possible. Please feel free to access this website as often as you like, and we are happy to get your opinion.