About Rion

Rion's acoustics and vibration technologies support businesses and lifestyles in various fields.

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Message from President

President & C.E.O Kiyotsune Inoue

Thank you very much for visiting the website of RION Co., Ltd.

RION was established in Kokubunji City, Tokyo in 1944 with an aim to commercialize and utilize in society the outcomes of research conducted by Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research, currently a general incorporated association to conduct research on science and acoustics. Our company name, RION, is a coined word combining the initials of Japanese words “rigaku (science)” and “onkyogaku (acoustics),” the subjects of our research.

The company inherently has a strong commitment to advancing science and technology and contributing to society. This is attributable to Uneo Kobayashi, founder of Kobayasi Institute of Physical Research and the first president of RION. We have valued this tradition in our business for many years. We have commercialized and offered to society the outcomes of our tireless efforts in technological development. Many of these outcomes are the first of their kind domestically or internationally. Today, our operations focus on four product groups that span the healthcare, environment and industry sectors. They include hearing instruments, medical equipment, sound and vibration measuring instruments and particle counters.

Our Corporate Philosophy is “Contributing to people, society and the world” and our corporate activities are aimed to bring comfort to people’s lives and thus benefit society. This commitment will celebrate its centennial in 2044. Through repeated innovation and trials to adapt to the changing times, we will practice our Corporate Philosophy so that we will be able to continue growing to celebrate our centennial. We respectfully ask for the continued support and patronage from our customers all around the world.

The website aims to meet your expectations by communication as much information as possible, including the latest pieces. Please feel free to visit and make use of this site. We would also be grateful for any feedback and opinions.