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Introduction of Vol. 9

  • Using Aircraft Noise Monitoring Systems to Protect Public Health
  • An Automated Hearing Aid Microphone Manufacturing Robot
  • Endless Possibilities for Application What Are the Possibilities of Piezoelectric Sheet Sensors Made Using Porous Piezoelectric Sheets?
  • Enabling Everyday Life as We Know It
  • The Future of Rion and Norsonic — as envisioned by the staff at Norsonic AS,a Norwegian acoustic instruments manufacturer
  • Rion meets KOKUBUNJI[The Cultural Assets That Must Be Preserved and Passed On]
  • RION's SIGN LANGUAGE COURSE Lesson 1 : Greetings

Cover Art: “A precision sound level meter (with low-frequency sound measurement function) and wind turbines”

This sound level meter is a culmination of Rion’s heritage of measurement technologies. The large display and the simple yet sophisticated layout of buttons on the instrument offer many functions not evident at first glance. The artist portrayed, in a sober and straightforward manner, his witnessing of a measurement being conducted on wind turbines, which are standard measurement targets.

By Yusuke Kitajima (woodblock artist)

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