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Introduction of Vol. 1

  • Can Sound Be Conducted Via Cartilage?
  • From Maker of Sound Level Meters to Leader in Acoustic Measurement
  • How Particle Counters Support Our Society
  • In What Way Rion’s Innovation Comes into
  • Measuring the Sound Insulation Performance of Building Materials
  • Rion Across the Sea - Vietnam
  • Strolls Around Kokubunji [Retro-Modern & Green]
  • The Ehrenfest Urn Model: Fascinating Irreversibility

Cover Art: “View from Kokubunji Cliff Line”

Mr. Yusuke Kitajima, a woodblock artist living in Kokubunji, depicted the cherry blossoms, which mark the arrival of spring, at the foot of the cliff, the snowy outlines of the Minami Alps in the distance, and the RION office building in Kokubunji, a town which marks a confluence of humans, history and a verdant natural setting.

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The publication of the RION Technical Journal marks the end of Shake Hands. Volume 12 is the last issue.
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