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Introduction of Vol. 8

  • Drawing on Advanced Technologies to Protect Occupational Health
  • The Technologies, Knowledge, and Patience of the Quality Assurance Section that Lead to Safe, Secure Products
  • Future Technologies and Rion’s Future
  • Watching the Water for Neutrinos Among the Mysteries of Our Universe
  • The Particle Counters that Help Bring About the Convenient World of Semiconductors
  • FROM OVERSEAS Rion Across the Sea:China [Shanghai]
  • Rion meets KOKUBUNJI [History of Kokubunji]
  • LICENSING AND QUALIFICATIONS :Speech-Language-Hearing Therapists

Cover Art: “A Particle Generator and an Airborne Particle Counter”

What caught our attention about the particle generator were the glass tubes, which resemble a series of connected gourds. Installed within a clean room, the particle generator serves as a device used to inspect airborne particle counters. While this device mostly operates behind the scenes, it plays a crucial role in making the precise measurements necessary for manufacturing. Due to its highly specialized nature, I engaged in multiple conversations with a specialist to truly grasp its essence. During these discussions, I found myself repeatedly amazed by the technical expertise concealed beneath its unassuming exterior.

By Yusuke Kitajima (woodblock artist)

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