Audiological Equipment

Rion Audiological Equipment helps to expand communication among people and improve quality of life.

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Hearing Instruments

Digital BTE

Trimmer Digital BTE

Analog BTE

In-The-Ear (ITE)
Custom-made type

Digital BTE Trimmer Digital BTE Analog BTE In The Ear (ITE) Custom-made type
Rionet Digital BTE hearing instruments are light and small. Moreover, they are varied in colors and functions. Trimmer-type digital BTE hearing instruments can be adjusted without PC or software. Rion provides a wide range of analog BTE hearing instruments; from compact ones to user-friendly ones. Custom-made ITE hearing instruments are carefully made to fit each individual’s ear.

In-The-Ear (ITE)
Ready-made type

Analog Body Aid


Meaning of function

In The Ear (ITE) Ready-made type Analog Body Aid waterproof Meaning of functions
Ready-made ITE hearing instruments simply fit wearer’s ear with an ear tip, so they will work from the day of purchase,though in-the-ear type. These hearing instruments consist of main box worn by user in the pocket and an earphone wired to the box. A large volume knob and switches make it easy for user to control the device. With Rionet waterproof hearing instruments, you can enjoy any activities around water without caring about getting wet. Meaning of functions and abbreviations used in this website

Medical Equipment


Impedance Audiometer

OAE Screener

BTE (Analog) RS-H1 BTE (Digital)
Diagnostic and screening audiometers are suitable for ENT department or clinic and medical examination facility. Multifunctional type for clinical and research with enhanced function and operation. Rion handheld OAE screener is ideal for checking hearing of new born babies and children.