Audiological Equipment

Rion Audiological Equipment helps to expand communication among people and improve quality of life.

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Hearing Instruments





Maxience Premience Wireless Waterproof
High-end hearing aid with Rionet engine that faithfully reproduces the sound you hear.
The technology’s fast and seamless digital processing enables you to expand your world of sounds.
While inheriting the basic performance of the Maxience series, it is a series that can be purchased at an affordable price. With wireless items, you can enjoy watching TV or hear the sound clearly in meetings and lectures. The APP is also available for changing volume and memory. Since launching the world's first waterproof hearing aid in 1986, we have refined our waterproof technology. The current HB-W1 type is a waterproof hearing aid that conforms to IEC protection classes IP65 and IP68.

Precia II / Precia IIV


High Power Series II

Trimmer type Digital Hearing Aid

Precia II / Precia IIV Classe High Power Series II Trimmer type Digital Hearing Aid
The Precia II series has many types of hearing aids, including hearing aid for profound hearing loss. It also has a function to hear Speech clearly. You can buy them as a reasonable price. The Classe series is a Basic type hearing aid. It has basic digital features and can be bought at a reasonable price. There are two types of High-power II series. The HB-G7 type has super output for profound hearing loss. The HB-P1 type has the smaller hearing aid with high power. HM-06: Small, ready-made ITE type hearing aid. Fits easily in the ear and the volume can be adjusted with the trimmer on the main unit.
HB-D8L: Ready-made BTE type. The trimmers on the main unit can be easily adjusted for a comfortable sound.


Meaning of function

HB-A6ES Meaning of function
Reasonable model recommended for both ears.
Equipped with a full range of functions such as directionality and speech enhancement.
Meaning of functions and abbreviations used in this website.
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Medical Equipment


Impedance Audiometer

OAE Screener

BTE (Analog) RS-H1 BTE (Digital)
Diagnostic and screening audiometers are suitable for ENT department or clinic and medical examination facility. Multifunctional type for clinical and research with enhanced function and operation. Rion handheld OAE screener is ideal for checking hearing of new born babies and children.