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Hearing Instruments

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Rion waterproof hearing instruments can be used in various situations in daily life including exercising, bathing, and even talking a shower etc.

It could conform to IP65/68 for waterproof and dust-proof, and have enough performance with high power to be suitable for the users with higher and severe hearing loss, but small size. Further this hearing instruments are featured with a variety of digital functions.

*IP65/68 corresponds to JIS C 0920 : 2003/IEC 60592 regarding standards on the external housing of electronic equipment and devices.

RITE (Receiver-in-the-ear) hearing instruments suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.

EX Power Receiver Custom Eartip Medium Receiver Custom Eartip Medium Receiver Eartip
Fitting Range: Mild to Profound Fitting Range: Mild to slightly Severe Fitting Range: Mild to slightly Severe

Any combination of 9-color microphone covers and 3-color cases is possible.

Microphone Cover: White, Gray, Beige, Brown, Black, Green, Red, Pink, Blue

Case: Gray, Black, Beige