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Subject to be solved – Water repellent technology to protect hearing instruments from humidity and sweat

Subject to be solved
Innovative Technology
Effect of water repellent


Protecting hearing instruments from humidity and sweat

Water is the cause of trouble for precision electronic devices. Even a very small waterdrop, it may have the bad influence on the device if it comes into inside. Hearing instruments, however, usually can not avoid to touch water and sweat because they are worn with contacting skin. So water and sweat has been the cause of troubles of hearing instruments.

1. Humidity and condensation

They may be the cause of troubles as a short circuit and a corrosion of battery contacts. If a corrosion and a liquid leakage of battery are occurred, a short circuit may be caused.

2. Sweat

Sweat, with its humidity and salt content, may cause short circuits, current leakage and corrosion.

3. Earwax

Earwax, with sticking to hearing instruments and leaving it, may cause to change or fade the color of hearing instruments.

4. Oil and dirt from one’s hands

The oil and dirt from the hands when operating hearing instruments may cause the trouble of microphone and receiver.

5. Perfume and hair dressing products

These products sometimes leave traces that block the components in these devices, rendering them inoperable.

Rion could solve these subjects


To prevent bad influence of water with total coating by fluorine repellents

The "sweat-resistant coating" used for Rionet hearing instruments is to do nano-coating (special repellent treatment by pulse-plasma method) in addition to the usual sweat resistant treatment. It actualized the higher level of repellent performance with coating all parts of hearing aids inside. This technology made it possible to protect troubles by water and sweat and to enhance the durability of hearing instruments, without any change of outlooking and texture.