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Situations to be used  – Taking shower or bath, situations of use can be extended

Subject to be solved
Innovative Technology
Situations to be used

The waterproof hearing instrument was created from Rion's idea "we want to make the hearing instruments to be used in various scenes and situations", and makes it possible that the users can wear hearing instruments in various senses and situations related to water and liquid, such like taking shower and bath, washing the face, playing sports etc.

*Please note : it is not possible for the users to hear the sound under the water. Also there are some limitations to the environment where the hearing instruments can be used. Waterproof does not mean 100% complete waterproof

Waterproof hearing instruments for daily use

  • Washing the face
  • Taking shower and bath (including washing the hair)
  • In the rain
  • Washing the hearing instrument

Waterproof hearing instruments for leisure time

  • Outdoors
  • Gardening
  • Active sports
  • Onsen (hot springs)

Waterproof hearing instruments for work

  • Fishery, Fishing industry
  • Marine products industry
  • In the kitchen
  • Agriculture
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